Danica Coble | Paralegal

Oxnard College Paralegal Program graduate, Danica Coble, shares her story of transfer and employment success.

Paralegal Studies graduate Danica Coble gives thanks to Oxnard College Professor Jerry Lulejian for “opening the door to higher education and amazing career opportunities.” 

At the 2017 VC Innovates Pathfinder Award Luncheon on May 5th, Dr. Tiffany Morse, Executive Director of VC Innovates, opened the event with a story. She recounted asking a group of middle school boys earlier this year what they wanted to do career-wise. All of them replied, “Be a paralegal.” They had heard of Oxnard College’s Paralegal Studies Program – that students were securing high-pay jobs through OC… some at $70,000 while still studying.

Danica Coble, a recent Oxnard College Paralegal Program graduate

Danica Coble is one of those students. Her story, and those of others, has made an impression.

Eight months into our paralegal program, Danica was offered an excellent position at a personal injury law firm in Ventura. Instead of putting her studies on hold, Danica decided to keep her educational momentum going and finish her GE credits while working. In June of 2015 she transferred to California Lutheran University and secured another paralegal position that allowed her to continue to work while studying. In 2017 she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cal Lutheran with a Bachelor’s in Communication. She has since landed a position as Executive Assistant to the owner of Espererar Holdings, a $500 million dollar company in Westlake Village. In this role, Danica is in charge of all memos, briefs, scheduling and personal interaction with clients and managers of smaller holdings.

Superior faculty have made our program what it is: a notable, valuable place to be. Danica is one of many recent Oxnard College alums eager to give thanks to Professor Jerry Lulejian. Jerry is known for opening doors of possibility, for helping students get to a rewarding place professionally.

In a recent email, she shared her accomplishments and gratitude, “I have Jerry Lulejian to thank for preparing me for a career that has opened so many doors. I would not have my BA now if I did not receive so much positive encouragement from him to keep going. Jerry’s mentorship has opened the door to higher education and amazing job opportunities. I’m so thankful for him and for this program.”

Danica plans to further her legal education. She is currently studying for the LSAT and will apply to law school next year.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 8-percent employment growth for paralegals between through 2024. Oxnard College offers comprehensive and practical training that prepares students for a career in the field. Paralegals are skilled in legal research, factual analysis, case preparation for civil litigation and criminal proceedings, preparation of legal documents and other forms, case schedule maintenance, law office administration and other responsibilities. Adds Danica, “All of Jerry’s lessons on billing and keeping track of tasks REALLY pay off!”

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