Don’t Be Light – a Student Art Exhibit

The McNish Gallery is pleased to present a figurative group art exhibit featuring the work four local contemporary artists.

Don’t Be Light, a contemporary art exhibit on display in the McNish Gallery this spring features the work of Oxnard College art alumni and talented local artists: Cloud Hamilton, Brittany Kenney, Megan Magbee and Olivia Jones-Hernandez. Through figure and portraiture works, dramatic presentations, and the use of both traditional oil mediums and unconventional techniques, the collection explores what it means to be human.

Anxiety, love, longing and loss are all portrayed through each of the artists’ unique processes of creating and presenting the human form. Ranging from the abstract to the highly representational, Don’t Be Light is a presentation of four very different artists exploring and sharing a wide range of very common (and very human) internal experiences.

Please take a bit of time to visit this stunning body of work in the McNish Gallery. It will be on display through Saturday, February 25. For more information, call (805) 678.5046, email Director Christine Morla (, or visit the McNish Gallery blog.

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