Facilities Updates

A newly renovated Condor Hall and other bright and beautiful campus additions.

Director of Maintenance & Operations, Bob Sube, and his talented, efficient crew have been hard at work bringing several important projects to a close. Over the coming months, look forward to the following bright and beautiful campus additions:

Renovated Condor Hall

Unveiling the final upgrade – the renovation of Condor Hall is now complete in time for spring semester classes. Bright and beautiful, spacious and modern, this building is a very welcome addition for teaching, learning and gathering. Constructed in 1979, Condor Hall is a 47,475 sq. ft. facility that originally served as the campus Library and Learning Resource Center. Prior to its refurbishment, the building housed five classrooms, staff and administrative offices, a STEM Center and Veterans Affairs Office.

The renovation of Condor Hall includes a complete overhaul of the building interior, exterior enhancements, and upgrades to the seismic structure. Five additional classrooms were added to the structure, along with a new computer lab space, expanded functional working space, construction of additional restrooms, new flooring, new ceiling, and energy efficient LED lighting through-out.

“The renovation of this core campus building is one more step to create an up-to-date, exciting and inviting learning environment that promotes higher education and attracts students as well as highly qualified instructors,” says Sube.

Condor Hall will house an upgraded STEM Center, as well as expanded faculty, staff and service offices.

Other important campus renovations and facility upgrades include unfolding this year:

Upgraded Physics Lab

All in-house construction. The project is nearly finished and slated to open Spring 2017. The lab will have state-of-the art equipment and will be located near the clock tower, next to the LA building.

New Construction of Biology Wet Labs:

The Oxnard College Foundation has pledged $1 million in funds to a new biology laboratory. The College will support any costs that exceed the pledged amount. This much-needed addition will relieve bottle-necks for STEM and transfer track students.

Revamped Transfer Center:

To be outfitted for expanded student transfer services and relocated to the first floor of the Administrative Center (set to open Fall 2017).

Relocated and Revamped STEM Center:

Modernized upgrade; expanded service area; moving to Condor Hall. The new center will be up-and-running Spring 2017.

New Career Center:

To be outfitted for expanded student career services and relocated to the first floor of the Administrative Center (set to open Fall 2017).

Campus Grounds Before-and-After, 2016-17

Grounds Updates:

Renovated athletic fields. Thanks to Michael Perez, our grounds guru and irrigation tech, our athletics fields have undergone a major face-lift over the last year. They now reflect the caliber of our state-championship athletics programs. The before-and-after photos (2016 to 2017) are pretty impactful – hard work has generated some pretty impressive results over a short period.

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