Press and announcements for Oxnard College.

Focusing on Career Pathways for Students

September 05, 2017

“Oxnard College is offering free tuition to our graduating students this year, as long as they take a full load of classes and keep a grade-point average of 2.1 or above.”


Reiter Affiliated Companies and Oxnard College Co-Host Semillas Para El Éxito: Una Tarde de Aprendizaje

August 25, 2017

To help families and their children learn about higher education, Reiter Affiliated Companies (RAC) and Oxnard Community College co-hosted, Semillas Para El Éxito: Una Tarde de Aprendizaje.

The college information night took place Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017 at Oxnard College and kicked off with a conference and panel followed by an education resource fair.

“We are very excited to partner with Oxnard College for this event,” said Coco Ramirez, member of the event organizing committee. “Our goal is to inform parents and children about the opportunities and resources available to them so that the dream of attending college can become a reality.”


County Supervisors Recognize Oxnard College Auto Tech Program

August 21, 2017

The School-to-Work program at Oxnard College was initiated by automotive program instructors Jeff Hiben and Richard Williams in 2014. The School-to-Work program was approved in 2015; it includes the Automotive Technology and Auto Body and Fender Repair programs; they are two-year degree or certificate programs that prepare students to enter the automotive industry as entry-level technicians and provides continuous improvement training to technicians already employed in the industry.


Women tell of rocky adjustment to civilian life after military service

August 18, 2017

The female veterans who gathered in Thousand Oaks survived the perils of military service and the trauma that can follow. But returning to civilian life turned out to be one of their strongest foes.

"Transition is the most difficult thing," said Deon Watson, a former Navy Seabee who attended the discussion Wednesday at Rep. Julia Brownley's office.

Watson, the former Seabee, works with veterans at a career center at Oxnard College.


Ventura County Community Colleges kick off 2017-18 school year

August 09, 2017

Oxnard College provides scholarships to 300 students

The Oxnard College Foundation provided annual scholarship funding to 300 students and operates a Community Market at Oxnard College every Sunday. For more information contact (805) 986-5889 or go to:


Public raises oil/gas well expansion issue

July 24, 2017

Members of the public argued pro and con over Renaissance Petroleum’s 2014 application to Ventura County (which has jurisdiction) to expand its oil operations on unincorporated land within sight of Oxnard. Renaissance says that they informed the city of this three times since 2014.

Some residents and pressure groups have concerns about potential environmental hazards and have attempted to block the application or at least demand a more stringent environmental review. They claimed air pollution, disease, environmental and racial justice, the cumulative effect of multiple polluting industries and toxic waste sites in the area. At a minimum, some wanted more stringent environmental impact review.